Tuesday, 9 September 2008


yo! dorktrekkers! nebla spinnin evva fasta, ever darker. chaos warpin evva fang inta sommat else.

pickardthepanicker : whahoppen musky?

departy dawg : owwww! ma toebone ***!*$

mish : "Hmm. Interesting that this was such a unanimous declaration. I wonder when the bulk of those CDS contracts were initiated. Could it by any chance be March or July of 2008? And who was on the other side?

Imagine betting on a default, getting it, and losing your ass. It seems to me that is what happened.

Who Lost?
  • Taxpayers
  • Small Banks holding F&F preferreds
  • Investors holding F&F common or preferreds
Who Won?
Thirteen "major" dealers of credit-default swaps.
Is this a great system or what?"

ken : "A year into the global financial crisis, several key central banks remain extraordinarily exposed to their countries' shaky private financial sectors. So far, the strategy of maintaining banking systems on feeding tubes of taxpayer-guaranteed short-term credit has made sense. But eventually central banks must pull the plug. Otherwise they will end up in intensive care themselves as credit losses overwhelm their balance sheets."

pickypanicky : sheeeeit! it all acommin apart atta seams! damn freakin leverage wot donnit. hedge funds an shit... nowa banks is bust anna feds is outa ammo....

zooneh : look east young painter dude...theys answers inna risin sun. they shit went belly up in '90 an they still pickin it outa they teeth today.

'cat : shit gon be a big deflate jus lak japan...workin stiffs livvin inna box inna park wi no gum ta chaw. politix an banks in denial an holdin on fo evva to dud stuff onna books.

laverne : zombies man!... 'night o a livvin ded' ded corporates gettin up outa a grahn an com getcha in yo beds an suck yo freakin brains out!

piccypanny : ohhhhhh maaahhh gaaawwwd..... i be changin shape an mah dangly bits gon shrunk ta the size o dodgy clateral....

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