Friday, 12 September 2008


yo! the weeken dahn heh in PALOOKAVILLE an it dull man! noboddy postin nuthin onna web cos they all chillin aht wivva fammly... president BRUSH call up an kick my ass abaht the piece on PEAK AMERICA sayin i suck an my blog issa worst blog onna planet an my stuff stink an all...

HARDON collider startin to spin euros nah...probly gonna shrink em somewot...i guess al look inta it some an see iffn it worth doin a peece on... wetha they gon reach wart speed though is anyones gess!

beulah aht atta beauty parlor anna 'cat aht inna yard, US retail sales fell agin, lemming bros. gone dahna toilet agin so footsie went up???

gon lissen ta cream fo a bit

thats better nah innit....

me i always thought the lyric guy PETE BROWN shudda gotta bigga mention.i know of no better poetry in rock!

Pete Brown Feels Cream

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