Monday, 15 September 2008


tikkertape runnin....

i been watchin NOURIEL ROUBINI who be da man onna BUST....

peterthepainter : grizzlybear a bottom right?

nouriel : no! the entire financial system is facing DISASTER and it's going to get worse.

peterthepainter : yeh but phony an fraudy, lemmin an merrilmerge an ?AIG? be da end right?

nouriel : no! all the broker dealers will go.

peterthepainter : notta morgstan tho, not goldysack, no way man!

nouriel : yes! they may have to merge. their(the broker/dealers) entire business model is fundamentally flawed at this point!

peterthepainter : so it not jus sub-prime en?

nouriel : no! it's sub-prime, prime, home equity, credit card, auto loans, student loans, leverage loans, muni bonds.....

peterthepainter : IT THE DEBT STUPID! innit! (no not you man!)

nouriel : If Lehman collapses expect a run on all of the other broker dealers and the collapse of the shadow banking system

to be continued....

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