Saturday, 6 September 2008


yo! it me zooneh. alla crew gon sleep ceppin me. i gits ta wach a fireworks up heh onna bridge wiout em suckers whinin on an stuff.

FUNNY init! ever time a market starts fallin fast, some clevva cloggs inna US sticks a great big freakin BANDAID onnit. january it was a huge cut in interest rates by a fed! march it wasa bailout o grizzly stearns! july it was ..."Remarks from U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (who indicated today that the Feds’ current mission was to support the financers as they are presently structured) seemed to rule out an imminent government takeover." september itz GSE bailouts... done deal!

market gotta be propped up man...'lection commin!

well gravity a bitch man! 'chute gonna slow er down some but she don give up man! she gon getcha! ...fact is yo skint innit?

dudes fromma desert gon buy up yo stuff wi beads man.... but jus not yet..... wait fo it,..wait fo...

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