Wednesday, 17 September 2008


it wernt me wot dunnit...they woz iss one armed bandit wi a lever wi a nob onnit.....the bastard been creatin dollas fo years outa nowhere and wi out noticin it...anti-dollas woz created inna equal amahnts.

yo! sh*t itta fan!..innit. PRESIDENT paulson has had to get help from a rest o a wurld

ta fight offa da hedgies an save democracy an apple pie....

Bloomberg : "The action is the latest attempt by central bankers to coordinate their response to the financial crisis. In December, they joined forces to boost dollar liquidity around the world after interest-rate reductions in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada failed to ease concerns about bank lending.

Failure to ease markets will see central banks inject even more cash, said Robert Barrie, an economist at Credit Suisse Group in London. Other options central banks could take include accepting greater collateral denominated in foreign currencies and increasing lending to banks abroad.

``The lack of dollars has been making the financial crisis worse around the world, which is why we now have this coordinated response,'' Barrie said."

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