Thursday, 11 September 2008



out here in space no one can here you scream....innit!....

pickardthewatcher : one day when we woz trekkin cross space inna TURNERPRIZE we come cross dis really large dude onna planet alla his own. i sez ta im - yo!.. large dude inna toga!...whahappnin dahn iss way, man?

watcher : yo painterdude...know you not that i am the WATCHER?

picky : wot fro the comic book?

watchy : one anna same boy....i out here watchin alla comets an stuff smack inta worlds and F**k em up i caint do nuthin ta stop it.

picky : yeah i read abaht it wen ah wuz a mus be tuff bein like, omnipotent, an all an not be allowed ta stop stuff appnin.

watchy : sho is tuff man! an it don't get no easier wi time... yo see, it a punishment metered out ta us watchers by a po folks, ya know...workin stiffs an such, fo not stoppin they clevva bastards wot bust a banks back when.

pickiticity : shucks dude, am real sorry fo ya, stuck aht ere onna own wi no gum ta chaw...BUT that said.....

....THATS HOW A WEST WUZ LOSS...GREED AN HUBRIS AN SWIZZ AN BEZZLE an it wan no po workin stiffs wot was all em CLEVVA BASTARDS fromma IVY LEAGUES innit.....GOOD OLE BOYS...ole skool tie, good at sports, gotta steely dan T-shirts.....they inna BANKS anna LAW anna POLITIX wot shudda know betta!

"yo!.. workin stiff!...get dis - yo kin buy dis ouse fo paper promises an it will make yo it go up in price...yo can cash in an BUY STUFF from overseas AND IF IT GO DAHN in price...(WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE)...yo can WALK AWAY and (wait fo it) NOT HAVE TO PAY US BACK!!!"

WHO THOUGHT O THAT??? WHAT freakin GENIUS dreamed that up?...and where was a WATCHER? he asleep atta wheel man...big time!

badpickardperson : sorry man! ah shuddna seddit!.. ah know! ..but ah feels better fo sayin it...dude shuddna bottle thangs up...aint that the truth man..aint that the truth!

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