Tuesday, 23 September 2008


yo! domino politix innit!

PALOOKAVILEE SPORT : stardate capitulation day+6

..."gordon BROWN has turned himself into a DOMINO BANK in order to be able to draw upon the new squillion dollar BAILOUT courtesy of ADMIRAL PAULSON the American leader.

...short selling had been threatening to bankrupt his premiership and the whole of the shadow political system but this has, now, been banned by the SEC...


...there is, now, no chance of a challenge for the leadership as, should the domino BROWN fail, then no potential challenger will risk being the next domino to fall...."

petey : paulson bailout vacuum gun gon suck up alla toxic sh*t from a LABOUR ship wreck?

...nah at brown a bank he be protected from a market forces and his stock...
guaranteed by a FED...innit?

nouriel : "By requesting a status change from independent broker dealer to bank holding company, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have officially spelled the end of Wall Street as we know it. Within six months, all five investment banks – Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs – have disappeared or are looking to merge with a commercial bank with a stable deposit base and permanent access to the Federal Reserve’s lender of last resort facilities. The unraveling of the $10 trillion shadow banking system that started with the non-bank mortgage lenders, SIVs and conduits – now with the seizing of major independent broker dealers and money market funds – is in full swing and gathering steam. Highly leveraged hedge funds might indeed be the next in line...."
The unraveling of the Shadow Banking System moves to hedge funds as Schmalpha replaces Alpha

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