Friday, 7 August 2015


WTF Do I know about anything? 

I'm just a babe who likes to party.

I do however read other folk's blogs

Just look in the side bar to see.

Here at uBABE Financial we don't read the mainstream press

Well not much

We read Mish mostly

So this is what we think about interest rate hikes

Forget it

aint goin ta happen

 anytime soon


Because governments are bust as well as banks

They spent all tomorrows money yesterday

So how they gonna let interest rates that they must pay on their debt 


no brainer innit.


The ZIRP is all that's proppin up the economy

Tech boom

construction boom

property boom

stocks boom.

Well it all be gonna be evaperate

IF rates rise.

So forget it

go back to sleep.

Dream on innit...

an o course this jus my opinion so

take no notice sukkers..