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greenspan :``What they are trying to do with Lehman is find a way in which there is no government money involved in this particular set of negotiations,'' Greenspan said. ``If they can't, they have to make a very key decision as to whether they allow it to liquidate or support it,'' he said, adding that he doesn't know enough details to recommend the right move.... Bloomberg

Barclays walks away from deal to rescue Lehman Brothers

...Telegraph : "Barclays, whose negotiating team is led by Barclays Capital chief Bob Diamond, is in the process of informing Lehman and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York that it no longer wants to take part in the discussions because of the US government's unwillingness to guarantee Lehman's assets.

Treasury begs banks to rescue Lehman

"Barclays is considering a direct plea from Hank Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary, to assemble a cut-price rescue bid for Lehman Brothers, the investment bank which has become the latest victim of the global financial crisis." ...Sunday Times

Scramble to save Wall Street

"Three of Wall Street's best-known institutions were huddled behind locked doors this weekend in frantic talks with US authorities and bankers to either sell their businesses or put together rescue packages...." Independent

PALOOKAVILLE NEWS stardate whatever+38

"PRESIDENT HANK BRUSH hopes to beat the banks at know, the game where one dominoe collapses and topples the next and so on until all the banks are bust...

HANK, though is winning the game hands down as he buys them up or gets a black hole bank to swallow them.

ANTI-MONEY has been canceling out all the PONZI-MONEY ever since the DOLLAR COLLIDER caused a DELEVERAGING BLACK HOLE that has sucked liquidity out of the ecomomy and caused an alleged RECESSION.

HANK, president of the FORMALLY CAPITALIST America, has almost single handedly doubled the national debt in order to NATIONALISE financial institutions.

the hope is that this will prop up the markets and sweep the alleged recession under the
GREY HOUSE carpet until after the election.

neither candidate for the PRESIDENCY has noticed the alleged recession or the GAME OF DOMINOES and therefore has not felt the need to address any of these issues.

...meanwhile everyone is carrying on as normal except for those who have lost their home or their job or their investments...

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