Thursday, 28 August 2008


Yo! innit! just got back from an away team to portugal. bit of r&r. feelin real chilled out....

Previously...on Dorktrek : Lost In Space...

The crew from the loft have fallen thru the back of a cornflakes box, in the breakfast nook of the loft, in downtown PALOOKAVILLE and onto the bridge of the United Flakes Starship Turnerprize, which has been hailed with a strange warning about trillions of dollars being sucked into a deleveraging black hole. On the way to investigate, the Turnerprize was caught up in the dreaded 'Flation - a nebula of the most disturbin on at yo peril...

PALOOKAVILLE star date whatever+23.... Incomin messages...

spider : glad yo back man! all sorta shit appnin roun heh. nebula changin colour n shape alla time.

pickardthepainter : it the 'flation spider dude! it pullin in diffrent drections allova a place. price o commodities been goin up while price fo sweat been goin down. folks is all confused, don't know which way t' turn....

zooney : politix is messin wiv da time warp dudes! they tryin ta fix da boom wots bust! won't let it lie man. they jus wanna keep it goin til after the 'lection then WHAMOOLA! watch out below!

beulah : have you seen the price of vittals/ theys goin thru the roof man! gas is goin up, an vets bills, heatin an coolin, taxes, glasses, teeth, medcine. alla stuff yo caint do wiout!

lavern : yo tellum gel! this shit outa control an some sukka tell us they aint no money an its gonna be prices fallin real soon! y'all fulla shit man!

pickardwhatever : I don tol ya ita nebula wot doin it! evva thang upside down an back ta front. yo theys money inna east but not inna west! them as has commodities has money an them that has mcmanshions has none!

yo see..... we been buyin shit offa the east with paper man! an we now all fulla shit and deeper in debt. now they wants evva more paper fo they commodities but they canna shift their shit cos we fulla it!

inna nebula evvabody inna shit, but they caint see the big picture cos of the warping factors.

the Turnerprize gon be like a freakin rowboat iffn we don't get the navigation right, always lookin back while goin forward, we gotta ask rouby an rogof wot they think an we gotta see where we gonna be in 2009.

spider : incommin.....

Retail sales slump surpasses 1990s recession

Nationwide says house prices falling fastest in 18 years

UAE revaluation off the agenda but how safe is the dollar?

Had I Gone Crazy or Had They Gone Sane?

South and South-East Asia in the Midst of a Global Recession

pickardthepainter : THIS IS WHAT I THINK!

we gonna be inna whole new show nex yeh.. the new show gon be a spin offa dorktreck : lost in space. in order to get outa the nebula the politix are gonna fix space by stoppin time. this they think will re-ignite the boom an save our asses from the bust. this gon be a big mistake, anna Turnerprize gon be slit in two. the posh bit atta front gon be spun off to Dubai anna workin stiffs, inna back, gonna be in DEEP SHIT (2000&)NINE a space station stuck inna time warp with stagflation an no gum ta chew.

afta the 'lection, wether it be obama bin ladin or 'chips' mcain wotz onna throne, we gon geddit inna ass big time! be continued............

4 Money Problems That Obama Can't Fix

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