Sunday, 31 August 2008

is they is or is they ait no money? 4

Yo innit!

Dateline whatever + 24 : PALOOKAVILLE

the debate up heh onna bridge be about 'flation. some as sez at 'flation be IN' an some as sez it gon be DE'.....all depends onna money amout man!

check out these - bizness failin but IN' nutters gon keep rates up! from 'the independent'....

Bank of England to show no mercy as firms go under

davis smiff o de sunday times is fo bringin em down.

Bank needs to slip off its inflation shackles

this my favrit bit dudes '

"The reason this is interesting now is that money GDP has taken a sharp downward lurch. Figures released a few days ago showed its growth rate in the second quarter had slumped to 4%, considerably weaker than its recent average. It may be telling us, more reliably than any forecast, that inflation worries are misplaced and the Bank could safely cut interest rates...."

UPDATE : yo mish gotta great post on this as per usual.-

Chancellor Darling: UK In Worst Economic Crisis For 60 Years

they a lotta stuff in this post - so go read it! (itz inna sidebar)

this ma favrit bit "The odds of a significant bout of inflation now are about the same as they were in 1929. Next to none. History is about to repeat."

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