Wednesday, 30 July 2008

'VESTMENTS... update

Star Date : whatever +1 (07/30) the painter's birthday!

Yo! It ma birthday man! We dahn ere inna cargo hold checkin out the 'vestments. Sucker gotta revoo his vestments ever once'n a while. Birthday be a gooda time as any....

Previously...on Dorktrek : Lost In Space...

The crew from the loft in downtown Palookaville have fallen thru the back of a cornflakes box and onto the bridge of the United Flakes Starship Turnerprize which has been contacted with a strange warning about trillions of dollars being sucked into a deleveraging black hole. On the way to investigate the Turnerprize was caught up in the dreaded 'Flation - a nebula of the most disturbin on at yo peril...

(Beulah) : Lootenant Uhura : What we doin dahn ere boss/ it stinky poo man! All ese boxes an stuff wi big letters on em SIV, CDO, ABS... seems like ever kind initial inna alpha bet. Boxes here spread out all over a place...

Picardthepainter : Cool it dude! these ere our future man. Itz 'vestments like these I been makin whilst y'all been in eyeburnation durin the long credit boom....

Uhura : Shoot boss! Summa these boxes be smaller an uvvas...sheeeit! even as we speak summa em is srinkin. Wosapnin man? `how we gon retyre in Palookaville iffn our 'vestments keeps shrinkin?

Picard : It's the freakin nebula man! It workin 'flation on us 'vestments... They shinkin cos the force be DEflation messed abaht by a bitta commodity driven INflation (it only appen inna nebula).

Uhura : Boss how come summa them vestments be smalla an sum bigga?

Picard : All 'vestments is equal but some is more equal than others...Yo see summa em is INvestments and summa em is DEvestments an some is just plain 'vestments....

Uhura : Say wot? Ah don geddit! Yo puts the same amounta money inta each 'vestment? An each does itz own thang? aint that a little bitty riksy dude?

Picard : Sho! It riksy but thats life shugga..Turns out some is good INvestments - thats the ones that go mostly UP and some DEvestments is bad, that is those that go mostly DOWN and some is just plain 'vestments that mostly go nowhere.

Zooney : (he the dog) I'm a outa space muppet atcherly divet! Boss they a silver linin inna plain 'vestments..

Spider : Pay im no notice! He a dog!

Zooney : As I woz sayin... Inna nebula "Flation goin crazy all ova a place...DEvestments inna toilet, srinkin by a minnit... Plain 'vestments can be liquidated fo cash an used to save the ship!

Incommin : Spider out onna web found this on naked capitalism -

"Of course, today’s mess was many years in the making and there is no easy, painless exit strategy. But the need to introduce more banking discipline is yet another reason why the policymakers must refrain from excessively expansionary macroeconomic policy at this juncture and accept the slowdown that must inevitably come at the end of such an incredible boom. For most central banks, this means significantly raising interest rates to combat inflation. For Treasuries, this means maintaining fiscal discipline rather than giving in to the temptation of tax rebates and fuel subsidies. In policymaker’s zealous attempts to avoid a plain vanilla supply shock recession, they are taking excessive risks with inflation and budget discipline that may ultimately lead to a much greater and more protracted downturn."

Course thats just part of it they a link to the rest of it over there on the control panel onna right

Laverne : I don wanna be Spock I wants to be Gilligan! OH! ...suckers watchin... Yo Skip! Is this Rogof arguin against Mish? or is it more complicated than that? This freakin nebula done messed with my head.

Spider : Krug. gotta good piece on the above Rogof article its onna right... or here

Spider(again) : get dis from Ambrose and this from James Clunie at the Telegraph.
This nebula man!!

Lootenant Uhura : Boss? What gonna appen if the 'vestments keep on shrinkin??

Picardthepainter : Don go there shugga. Its a WIPEOUT we gon hafta slit the Turnerprize! Cast off the cargo decks into the vorteks. But all is not lost! Cos we don hedged our bets across a wide range o stuff incudin worx o art (we got stuff in boxes, stuff in formaldehyde, nudes, folks in chains, rubbed out drawins, briks, pork bellies). Man we got us 401k all in cash!!!
Aint no sucker from this yer Dorkverse gon sink the United Flakes Starship Turnerprize !

Spider : mish got this out -

The New York Times is reporting Paterson Warns of Economic Crisis. it's in the side bar right

to be continued...

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yeah an also... All characters herein is fictional and any similarity to any real sucker is unintentional and just plain sad.

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