Tuesday, 29 July 2008

We’re Saying No To Almost Everybody

Captings Log. Stardate : whatever

We are stranded in the 'Flation nebula light years away from Palookaville. The crew are revolting... they fear for they small stash o cash back in the Palookaville National Bank.

Previously on Dorktrek...The United Flakes Starship Turnerprize has been contacted with a strange warning about trillions of dollars being sucked into a deleveraging black hole. On the way to investigate the Turnerprize was caught up in the dreaded 'Flation - a nebula of the most disturbing kind.....read on at your peril...

Spider : Boss I don't wanna be Data no more! I wants to be Gilligan.

Picard : Hush yo mouth now yo crazy arachnid...Mish gotta post y'all orta see...

We’re Saying No To Almost Everybody

"Furthermore, in a credit crunch, junk yields should rise and they are. In a credit crunch lending standards will tighten and they are. In a credit crunch lenders will "Say No To Almost Everyone" and they are.

Finally, it makes perfect sense for money to be parked in money market funds below the alleged rate of "inflation". I have talked about this on many occasions. The reason M3 has been rising is that corporations have been tapping credit lines, not for expansion, but in case those lines are shut off. Those corporations have been parking that money in institutional money market accounts.

This is not "inflationary" in any way shape or form. Deflation is here and upon us, and some cannot even see there is a credit crunch. It's rather amazing."

Spock(Lavern) : Ah don see no credit crunch! Ah don voted fo higher rates..that there deleveraging got be light years away!

Halfcat(zooney) : Yo dozy Vulcan dunce! Yo got them fancy noclers the wrong way round!

Spock : Let me see now thother way roun. Yowwwww! Sheeeit! looka 'at sucker man. Itz a freakin vortex!!! Itz biggern a.....

Picard : That Mish he some clevva dude. What I been tellin yo? In this 'Flation nebula everthing gotta be the wrong way roun. All bets is off! We betta try n find some way outta here PDQ or us asses is toast!


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