Saturday, 12 July 2008

Hats off to the Ninja

Aha! **** hits fan.

What do I spy from my garret as I look out today? The msm are all over these people - you never heard them mention any of it before. Some referred to the bloggers as 'darker places on the web'.

I am only a garret lurking dreamer and I knew what was happening because I found these smart people on the web. mish, big pic. ninja, yves, alice and many more. and you can find them all on the links on their sites. Some are on here.

Why am I here to say this today? because It's fun to read the truth you suspect is out there and not all the managed stuff in the msm.

Disclosure : I am not a trader - yet? So I have no positions in any company. I only have my pension plan which is 70% cash. This is not advice. Do your own homework before investing anywhere.

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