Monday, 28 July 2008


earlier on Picardthepainter...

The crew from the loft are lost in space. Instead of Spock and Data it the muppet fro FireballXL5 who recognises the danger.

...Awoken from a deep sleep during the great credit expansion the crew stagger out into the breakfast nook to find themselves in uncharted territory. The USS Turnerprize is being sucked into a DEflationary spiral nebula the like of which hasn't been seen since the first series.

...Spock wants to raise interest rates to ward off INflation...thats because he is a Vulcan and everyone knows they is tough.

The muppet says no way! "yo seein it the wrong way sucker". he says. "We in a eye o a storm, dude. Y'all gonna find yo money all sucked out yo bank, yo house gonna be worth peanuts. And wots lef o yo pension affer Brown robbed it, it aint be gon be worth dick!

Potentially the most exiting nail biter yet from painterproductions the Hollywood- free soap.

read on after this break....

from Bloomberg...
IMF Says End of U.S. Housing Slump `Not Visible'

UAE boom to continue as global economy crashes

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To my mind the stage is being set for an October crash on Wall Street despite the proximity of the US presidential election. The ongoing financial crisis with the likelihood of a series of US bank failures, the collapsing US housing market and the knock on effect on consumer spending will result in a climatic capitulation.

It is remarkable, not to say unbelievable how well the Dow Jones and FTSE indices have kept up over the past year. The rumour in London last week was that George Soros is shorting the FTSE. It might be his best trade since pushing the pound out of the ERM in late 1992.

Revisiting Housing Seasonality & the Perennial Bottom Callers

Posted by Barry Ritholtz on Monday, July 28, 2008 | 11:07 AM

I've been meaning to go over some of the details in last week's Housing data. I was surprised to hear several commentators discuss the imminent turnaround in Housing.

Mind you, these were the people who missed the entire significance of Housing before the collapse, who insisted it was contained, and would not infect anything else. "Why are you so obsessed with Housing" I was asked repeatedly by this crowd from 2005 thru '07. Perhaps I shouldn't be all that surprised at what the usual crowd of shills and pollyannas states, given their horrific track record.

from The Financial Ninja...
The Final Bubble: Commodities

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Yo! Spider dude, How come we gotta keep sayin this stuff about this is not advice blah blah?

Painter dude thats so's the suckers out there won't go do nothin stupid and say we told em it was ok. Then they gon come get yo with some smart ass lawyer an sue yo skinny ass off!

No way man! Aint nobody dumb enuff to listen to some freakin artist view on investin they hard earned bucks?

Way man, Sooo way! Them suckers'l listen to any kind o s**t if they think they can get a edge.
Just look at the way they piled inta real estate, CDO's SIV's, CDS's and whatever.

Shoot! What you say Halfcat?
It's cool! What the f**k kind a lawyer gonna sue a dog or a rat?
I'm a mouse! you mutt.
Chill guys, cool it, the suckers watchin an all.

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