Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Lose The Plot

Currently I am working on a short film shot in Venice. It is influenced by 'Summertime' the David Lean film starring Katherine Hepburn. Also of course 'Don't Look Now' (Nicolas Roeg).

As an painter I approach film/video as a way of painting with light. No plot, no dialogue just photography - light, colour, movement.

This time, though, I do have a figure in the piece. Ginny is - tourist? Katherine Hepburn? Lost? Looking for something/someone? and also something dark!

I just shoot em as I see em. Back at the ranch I edit my heart out making something out of it, it's as simple as that.

Direct action with no hanging around, no financial hassles and no overseers!

I publish my stuff on youtube because I can. It's so easy and anyone can see it. It's more fun making movies than marketing them so i make em but I could use someone to market them.

A five minute version is on youtube now and I am working on a ten minute version. I will probably make five or so films with the footage i have.

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