Sunday, 27 July 2008


Yo! Innit!

Back from Aldeburgh! now in downtown Palookaville. The heat is peelin the flock 'paper off the breakfast nook.

Opkins is dozing with his tail in a bowl a ice water. Spider has all seven his legs in there too.

This garret is not the best place to be in a heatwave, but it's home, then again where is?

Whilst chillin by the sea, me an Beulah and Beulah's sista Laverne (and Halfcat), was readin some real cool littature. Seems Laverne is a swot and books is wot she does.

I sez - Yo! Laverne, sista! why you don't write me some ree voos fo the blog?

Laverne : What for I wanna do no writin ree voows for some skinny ass painter?

Me : Say wot? You missin a trick sista! suckers out there don't know they asses from tuesday man. Y'all could be nokkin em ded wi yo smart ass liiature nous.

Laverne : Yeah like they all gon take notice of some asshole's sista-in-law without no badges an stuff.

Me : Shoot sister, y'all the coolest reader inna world dude. just looka wot yo bin readin man...
'Day', 'The Little Friend', 'The Englishman's Boy', 'Headlong'....lots o diff'rnt stuff.

Laverne : Supposin I do rite some stuff, you gon trash it jus fo kicks innit.

Me : Sista, I promiss yo I aint gon do no such thing. Why I be jus ovver a moon to get genuine ree voos wrote fo the suckers by sumwon at cares and aint onna make.

Laverne : Huhn i'll think about it asshole but don't let that skinny- ass, seven legged spider a yorn near it or the deal's off!

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