Thursday, 17 July 2008


The rain beats down hard on the garret roof here in downtown Palookaville. It runs in rivulets between the slates and on down into the gutters where it mixes amicably with the dust of ages and the pigeon poop.

Halfcat (the pooch) sleeps soundly on the old arm chair from Carrick-on-Suir. His new hair cut has left him feeling slightly insecure and a little cooler. Although how you could get a pooch any cooler than him I do not see.

He didn't bat an eyelid yesterday morning when the market was droppin like a stone nor did he break wind last night as the US went up.

Y'all gotta unnerstan that dogs don't generally own shares directly. He leaves all the financial decisions to me or Beulah. He's just like ole man river, he just keeps lolling along.

Opkins (the rat)(he calls hisself a mouse but thats an awful long tail!) he keeps out the way when 'cats around - on account of him being semi feline and chasin all hell out of him...

Any way this aint gonna get her done so. Spider! - whats on the web today man?

Yo! Welcome suckers! out there today is lots o good stuff -

Wild Times on Wall Street

Posted by Barry Ritholtz on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 | 02:00 PM
did I hear the word long in there? whats that about?

America is lone bright spot as fund managers flee stocks
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Last Updated: 10:51pm BST 16/07
I likes Ambrose he's about as much fun as you can have with a newspaper! Not sure he's got his timing right though! still as always make up your own mind seek professional advice etc.

Yo! Spider dude, How come we gotta keep sayin this stuff about this is not advice blah blah?

Painter dude thats so's the suckers out there won't go do nothin stupid and say we told em it was ok. Then they gon come get yo with some smart ass lawyer an sue yo skinny ass off!

No way man! Aint nobody dumb enuff to listen to some freakin artist view on investin they hard earned bucks?

Way man, Sooo way! Them suckers'l listen to any kind o s**t if they think they can get a edge.
Just look at the way they piled inta real estate, CDO's SIV's, CDS's and whatever.

Shoot! What you say Halfcat?
It's cool! What the f**k kind a lawyer gonna sue a dog or a rat?
I'm a mouse! you mutt.
Chill guys, cool it, the suckers watchin an all.

Spier man! say some more stuff muy pronto.

Yo! Buenas gang! check this out - From Peter J Cooper

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