Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A Zombie Because

yo!...this is not advice...

capitulation day

..."The world is setting up for a big crash, again.

Market chatter over green shoots and rising prices has fueled a bear market rally that won't last, despite policymaker 'noise.'

Since the last bubble burst, governments around the world have not been focusing on reforms.

They are trying to pump a new bubble to solve existing problems.

Before inflation appears, this strategy works.

As inflation expectation rises, its effectiveness is threatened.

When inflation appears in 2010, another crash will come.

If you are a speculator and confident you can get out before it crashes, this is your market. If you think this market is for real, you are making a mistake and should get out as soon as possible. If you lost money during your last three market entries, stay away from this one – as far as you can."

petey : sounds about right to me....

always read the full article an we don't give advice. we just suckers like you...

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