Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Let Prices Fall

yo!  big fix... innit !

evvabody know the fix is in...

been in since fo' evva

establishment, deep state, anna mainstreet bollox...

all scared shitless by falling prices.

way to growth

in order to stop prices fallin

 this lot have conspired firstly to prop up asset prices..

then to boom asset prices...

but joe onna street...

gets stuffed (f@cked)

All Tomorrows Money 

They shudda ring fenced depositors and let the banks and bond holders face the music of their own risk taking...

asset prices should have been allowed to crash...

housing to become affordable again..

a reset to normal current demand...

as things stand we have spent...

all tomorrows money

Daylight Robbery 

People with money inna bank

get no interest paid to them

people who borrow to push up asset prices...

get rewarded..


there aint gonna be no growth until this fix ends

look at Japan

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