Friday, 27 November 2009


yo!...can't pay, won't pay...innit!

black friday japan...

...In the deserts of Sudan...
...And the markets of Japan
From Milan to Yucatan
Every woman, every man

Hit me with your credit stick.
Hit me! Hit me!
Je t'adore, ich liebe dich,
Hit me! hit me! hit me!
Hit me with your credit stick.
Hit me slowly, hit me quick.
Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!

In the wilds of Borneo
And the banks of Bordeaux
Eskimo, Arapaho
Move their money to and fro....

THE BITCH IS BACK in palookaville...

...people think it's all over...

Global markets hit by fresh bout of selling

Yen hits fresh 14-year high as investors dump stocks

Darling to admit recession is worse than he forecast

Ports face crisis as volumes fall

Dubai is just a harbinger of things to come for sovereign debt

..."Small wonder, though, that this minor tremor has sent such shock waves around the wider capital markets. The fear is that threatened default in this tiny desert kingdom is just a harginger of things to come for government debt markets as a whole. According to new estimates by Moody’s, the credit rating agency, the total stock of sovereign debt worldwide will have risen by nearly 50 per cent between 2007 and 2010 to $15.3 trillion. The great bulk of this increase comes not from irrelevant little states like Dubai, but from the big advanced economies – America, Europe, and Japan".... japan...

...Tokyo warns of double-dip recession...

..."Fears that figures suggesting an economic recovery may have been a false dawn were intensified yesterday when Japan’s Prime Minister sounded an official alarm that the country risked falling into a “double-dip” recession.

With the bedrock of Japan’s export industry ravaged by both a recent plunge back into deflation and the soaring yen, Yukio Hatoyama said that “measures are required so that the economy will not fall into a double-dip recession”.

His comments are expected to spark alarm as other governments have quietly begun to acknowledge the possibility that the worst may not be over"....

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